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Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

General terms of use of the site, general rules and legal responsibilities related to it

It is recommended to read the User Agreement, which includes the terms, rules and legal responsibilities below, before using
If the specified conditions are not suitable for you, please do not use By using the site and by filling out the form that will contain your personal information, you are deemed to have accepted the terms written on these pages.

1. Usage and Safety Rules is open to all members. Services provided on the Site unless otherwise noted, are free.

In the following written cases, site management may prevent the member from using the site and reserves his legal rights about the person or persons involved in the following attempts:

1 a. Wrong, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, public morality rules containing inappropriate expressions and the Republic of Turkey to record information on the site contrary to law

1.b. Copying the site content partially or completely without permission

1.c. The User is directly responsible for any damages that may arise from sharing information, such as user name and password, given to users or their own usage rights with third parties or organizations (using this information by people other than the user). Similarly, the User cannot use personal information such as IP address, e-mail address, user name of another person on the Internet, nor can he access or use the private information of other users without permission. The user is deemed to have accepted any legal and criminal liability that may arise from such use.

1.d. Using software that will threaten the security of the site, preventing the operation of the site and the software used, performing activities, trying to be done, and retrieving, deleting, changing information

2. Use of Content

3. Responsibilities

3 a. The information of the users who visit (visit time, time, pages viewed) is followed to serve them better. This information is used in order to expand and improve the content, ad, etc., by adhering to the privacy conditions. issues are shared with the companies we cooperate with. The aim is to improve the experience that the site offers to its users and to develop

3.b. The user of can start using by entering the e-mail address and password provided that they comply with the conditions specified in this contract after completing the sections required for registration and confirming the e-mail address.

3.c While the user benefits from site and services, Turkish Criminal Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Intellectual and Artistic Works Law, Decree Laws and legal regulations regarding the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, and other relevant legislative provisions, shininglove. It agrees to comply with any announcements and notices published by regarding its services. All kinds of legal, criminal and financial responsibilities that may arise due to the use of these notices and illegal use belong to the User.

3.d In the event that the User fails to comply with the obligations specified in this agreement or the general rules reported on, the User may be prevented from by, and / or his account may be closed.

3.e. The user may not take any preventive or challenging actions to use other users and visitors from using, nor install / force / lock servers or databases automatically. It cannot attempt cheating. It acknowledges that its membership will be terminated if found and any legal and criminal liability arising from the situation.

3.g. The user may not delete or remove the Copyright, Trademark and all kinds of Intellectual and Artistic Works Law coverage notes on any material copied from the or printed with a printer.

3.h. Membership cancellation and account deletion can be done by the user on The authorization of the user who ends his membership will be canceled. The person who unsubscribes accepts that this transaction is irreversible.

3.j The relationship of site users with each other or with third parties is the responsibility of the people.

3.m. Different rules and obligations specific to that section may be specified in certain parts of the site. Persons and organizations using these sections are deemed to have accepted these rules specified in advance.

3.n. Please read the "Privacy Policy" section to read the precautions we take to protect our users' personal information and privacy and our general policy in this regard.

3.o The user accepts and undertakes that the payment information (credit card, GSM number information, etc.) to be used in the shopping on the site is correct and that the legal and penal responsibilities arising from them belong to him.

7. Notification Addresses

7.a. site does not ask for postal addresses from users in advance. However, the e-mail address reported by the user to is accepted as the e-mail requesting the legal address for any notification regarding this contract.

7.b. Unless the parties notify the other party in writing within 3 (three) days of their changes to their existing e-mail, they agree that requests to the old e-mail will be valid and deemed to have been made to them.

7.c. Again, it will be assumed that any notification to be made by using the registered email address of the user reaches the user 1 (one) day after the electronic mail is sent by The user declares, accepts and undertakes that he has read, understood, accepted all the articles in this participation agreement and confirms the accuracy of the information he has given about him.

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